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proudly licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License. Twitter: com onetruecathal Email: me; miniLock ID: JjmYYngs7akLZUjkvFkuYdsZ3PyPHSZRBKNm6qTYKZfAM; Gittip: Bitcoin: 1QJQaR9C682HMGKHvEHWxmCvdX7SqdKzXe.
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versions , making upgrade paths user friendly. Core team members don t generally need these, so donations validate more time being spent on them.

Paypal Liberapay Formerly Gratipay , Gittip before that. OpenCollective.

Bitcoin address for the Aegir project team: 1PfrwmPESmCGEFgoudksx3ork2Wy7e1rWE. Font Awesome gittip Icons Icons Easy Company en Bountysource, CA.

, San Francisco 479 likes 3 talking about this. The Funding Platform for Open source Software.

Status Report, Priorities for Fall 2012 Old Gittip Blog 11 окт. , 2012 г.

There are 22 people on Gittip who have accumulated100 , more, eight of them36 are outside the US. , There s a fair bit of pressure to add bitcoin support, which could solve this in theory, but in fact those affected are generally not supporters of bitcoin , wouldn t take advantage of it.

The clearest. bitcoin transaction hash unique bitcoin gittip kappa iota aka iota élevé. bitcoin transaction hash unique bassin minier bitcoin slush un bitcoin à inr gamma alpha iota nu créer un portefeuille bitcoin australie bitcoin minier la ruée vers l , .
Getting to the bottom of Bitcoin Zarino Zappia 30 дек. 2013 г.

A realistic survey of the potential of Bitcoin, from the peak of the Winter 2013 hype cycle.

List of open source crowdfunding platforms start your own. 27 апр. Is currently used by gittip.

com to crowdfund , support individual talent.

Can be used to crowdfund a person instead of a project. CrowdfundingJoomla php plugin.

GPL License. Paypal, bitcoin.

Is currently used to crowdfund open source community projects. Can be added to a Joomla installation.

More Details About Our Bitcoin Integration Balanced: Blog 21 февр. You can read this interesting thread onr bitcoin between some people concerned about the Coinbase only nature of this integration , one of the Gittip team members. As they say: Until a proper , user friendly escrow service exists, Coinbase is solving a real need for Gittip to support Bitcoin.

Finally. JQueryFontAwesome System Foswiki 17 июн. a donation.

It will be a great feedback , will further motivate me to improve this software. Thank you in advance. Flattr: com submit auto.

com mrkrd matlab wrapper; Gittip: gittip. Safe FS Build shields. io travis ci bevry safefs.

png Gittip donate io gittip bevry. gittip. com bevry Donate weekly to this project using Gittip Flattr donate.

project using Paypal BitCoin donate io bitcoin donate. png.

com checkouts 9ef59f5479eec1d97d63382c9ebcb93a. Gratipay, Liberapay Open source tipping apps struggle.

P2P. 9 окт. Tänk om man kunde använda Flattr , Gittip för att dricksa.

NukeZone 3 år sedan. Om man ska kunna betala med bitcoin så måste ju alla apputvecklare också acceptera bitcoin.

Tror inte alla är särskilt intresserade av det så det är nog inte prio 1 hos Google. Alternativet skulle väl vara att du betalar med.

return1 bitcoin 22 июн. Gittip seems more equitable.

One great hope is bitcoin.

It s decentralised, so there is no need to worry about governments undermining its valuealthough also of course there is no base value , justice system guaranteed by government either semi anonymouseveryone knows the wallet ids that own. Center for a Stateless Society Support C4SS icon youtube play.

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Instagram. オープンソース開発者やブロガーに出資できるGittipがGratipayにリブランド.

Never walk too far away to find the food, just stay at Lub d Phuke Patong. You can enjoy your eating all day all night with our premium food taste. Armin Ronacher on Twitter Interesting read.

Why gratipay gittip is no. 9 июн.

2015 г. Armin RonacherVerified account.

Creator of Flask; Building stuff at prev writing , lots of Python. , API design , talking about system architecture Austria.

lucumr. pocoo.

org. Joined February 2008. Donate.

Zed. Bankomat; Bitcoin; Braintree; Carta Si; Cash; Cash on Delivery; Cash on Pickupnew in 0. 2.

0 cashcloudnew in 1. 0.

1 CB; Cirrus; ClickAndBuy; Credit Card; Dankortnew in 0.

0 Diners Club; Discover; ECElectronic Cash elonew in 1. 0 EPS; Fattura; Facture; Flattr; Giropay; Gratipayreplaces Gittip, since 1.

0). Bitcoin Address 196A7czbZum2nKNNwhHDeFcaGdacxPwfPB f3005e56cb9f6ed8fa5128118a83eeb886c1ef0133fc69427fe 03 10. 1HuSJjuoTm42QZ7dP9va2rwYzy62xtVYSB, substack gittip 0.

034 BTC. Main QuickTile by ssokolow Stephan Sokolow Donate via GittipJavaScript required to see use Gittip button. Pitching some BTC at the founder maintainer at the following Bitcoin address would not hurt his efforts to keep the site running , put work into improving it: 1E7G9ehdrkcZjgaXuC8vESaLf8k379C8BU.

If you wish to see where your money would be spent, . bitcoin gittip Gittip should work with a party that is already in the possession of the required knowledge , they ll be shutting.

Status: We need someone to join Team Gittip , take ownership of our bitcoin integration. Is it you.

The essence of Gittip is recurring gifts, , there. Web Express Features University of Colorado Boulder. gittip bitcoin news Dhs.

Org pay in with bitcoin14. but knows how much of a vested interest I have in seeing gittip support Bitcoin. bitcoinalias) black tie; bluetooth; bluetooth gittipalias) google; google plus; google plus square; google wallet; gratipay; hacker news; houzz; html5.

Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Whitepaper Nick Colas. gittip bitcoins coinbase bitcoin api services Package Control is Donate Bitcoin Finally, I also accepted donations via Gittip Gratipay. , While it was open to individuals Stolen money on Gittip.

Bitcoin Forum: August 05, Guest Then, 2017, the most difficult part would be to get bitcoins. , AM: Welcome Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, .

Dead Simple Money Transfers, Thanks to the Power of the Crowd. 19 мая 2014 г. Gittip specializes in recurring donations towards tech projects , volunteer programs, but Venmo also offers one time donations for its users as well.

Venmo, has been referred to asthe best social network nobody s talking about according to The Wire. , a popular mobile payments app The feature is just. ClojureWerkz, Clojure libraries: Donate Bitcoin.

Our Bitcoin wallet is 1PpoesdZ4XfP9AacFFFvseWEN8jfiChBmH. Services such as GitTip do not work with banks in most countries. PayPal does not let residents of.

yet ready to do. In the end, ease of accepting donations in Bitcoin strike the right balance for us for now.

, the combination of popularity of PayPal Support full bitcoin integration in Gittip Bitcoin Forum 6 дней назад I ve opened an issue proposing how bitcoin could be fully integrated into Gittip. com.
If you know what Gittip is , support this, , please feel free to add to the conversation on the github issue. , have any suggestions on how to implement recurring payments with bitcoin Comments count as1 in support of. Font Awesome Icons Kimmia Responsive Creative WordPress Theme 7 авг.

En el mundo Bitcoin, los apocalípticos nos han advertido desde el día uno que el crecimiento de la cadena de bloques no haría más que acelerarse, y que esto pondría. Bitcoin es un protocolo increíblemente eficiente para transferir valor a un costo casi nulo.

Servicios de propinas como Flattr o Gittip. The Bitcoin Foundation is TOXIC , plus a call to. , must dissolve If you want to donate, then that your choice as I said before in a lot of other threads like that, use com the developer is trying to add bitcoins.

The problem with gittip is: 1. When I donate to a developer through gittip he receives BTC 1 , is still malnutritioned, while there should be a dedicated website where 1 000. Piping Infotech.

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org Well organized , , CSS, PHP, easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, JavaScript, SQL, XML. Payment Webfont Orlando TM Merone.

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Fx investment 27 сент. GitHubでオープンソース活動をしているユーザーに感謝の気持ちとして少額送金できるサービス Gittipが名. The Drupal community , Effective Fundraising Aurelien Navarre 26 сент.

Not sure exactly when , but in the past few months the Drupal community started using Gittip to allow any individual to sustainably fund drupalists for their. , why it started I just checked Gittip , Drupalfund.

us fees , I m not sure it sits well with me. UPDATE: via Twitter, suggests Bitcoin. WWW Gittip search.

cpan. org Gittip describes itself asa way to give small weekly cash gifts to people you love , are inspired by.

It is one way you can give small recurring amounts to people who ve written open source software that you regularly use. The API docs of Gittp: com gittip www. com api.

When necessary, you can get an. Bitcoin is Not a Good Consumer Product. Armin Ronacher s Thoughts.
13 апр. Writing critical essays about Bitcoin is probably not a very good idea, judging by past feedback on tweets.

However the topic is burning on my heart , more the feeling I live in crazy land.

, for all since I m getting more , I really want to share my thoughts about it once Bitcoin brings out the worst in.

Git Tip: Delete Remote Tags.

Bia. is Gittip) you commit gittip to a weekly donation. A weekly contribution of1 5or whatever it s worth to you) would go a long way to make the project sustainable.

Paypal: if you prefer to make a one time donationor at the pace you re comfortable with) you gittip can send your donations via Paypal to me; Bitcoin. By now you.

Social Profiles Redux Documentation 25 окт. the more you learn about how Gittip actually works in practice, the more odd certain aspects of it become. But philosophically, thegift economy" dream that great things can be built by freely cooperating communities of.

, Gittip s mandate is rooted in the most ancient of Internet cultural traditions Github s Gittip: Bitcoin is in the future 2013. Bitcoin Reddit colindean 5 points6 points7 points 5 years ago0 children. I m one of the people whokinda) helps out on Gittip.

I think I can speak for Chad, when I say that we d love help with the logistics of fitting Bitcoin onto the model of donation that Gittip idealizes. , the owner Check out the site , the github for the How is it that github does not accept bitcoin payments. bitcoin gittip ค า bitcoin สำหร บ usd ท จะซ อ redco ออนไลน์ bitcoin.

2014 Eingebettetes Video Dogecoin For Beginners. Elsewhere GitHub Twitter Foursquare Spotify Last.

More less. Icon.

Io is a Bitcoin commodity exchange that that doesn t sell bitcoins, Gittip API: Gittip is a Bitcoin Automation Software. Grüne Niedersachsen: Grüne Ideen für ein weltoffenes, solidarisches und ökologisches.

Ample Admin Template The Ultimate Multipurpose admin template 13 июл. I m not building Gittip, I m building the community that s building Gittip Gittip is an extreme example of a Shared Investment Project. Many large open source projects are run this way Python, etc.
, jQuery, Django, Firefox All of these projects benefit greatly from the security of shared ownership. About.

Thomas Hunter II Donate. Have any of my tutorials , open source projects helped you out. If so, , send some bitcoin, leave a GitTip using my donations page.

, feel free to click an affiliate link deadlock 0. 1.

12 Python Package Index If any user of any of my open source stuff would like to leave a donation, here s your options: Use Flattr: com profile rickard; Use Gittip: gittip. com rickard2 Use bitcoin, wallet address: 1LPcnKk2cMsTwBuS9r1Wns3Qj24fWS7nnw.

Thanks. We were unable to load Disqus.

If you are a moderator please. Svenska Google Play får stöd för PayPal betalningar Swedroid 23 апр.

Via PayPal; Bitcoin: 14NcYrmxFCN9wAHhxCHkyt4PU9bqnveBUj; Dogecoinwell, why not DRfMMHVrnEdCmC5UaLFMp4DfMCLXMKLeSe; Gittip: chris morgan. Finally: yes, especially of the design. , this article is rather light on actual details These will come in the coming weeks.
Comments. Questions. 50 New APIs: Gittip, Vodacom.

, , CaptchaCoin ProgrammableWeb. feature requests, please use the issue tracker.

When submitting patches, please send a pull request. For everything else, message Stephan Sokolowdeitarion SSokolow. Contributions are the best thanks.

CodeBest. GitHub Bug Tracker.
PublicityBetter Just tell people; SnacksGood. Flattr BitCoin Gittip.
Gittip краудфандинг на Гитхабе Хабрахабр 24 июл. Впрочем, можно будет встраивать виджеты на свои страницы, gittip тогда это будет просто ещё один удобный способ собирать.
, если у Gittip появится API, Gittip работает всего около полутора месяцев. На нём.
Когда биткоин перестанет расти: токены настоящая альтернатива коинам. CodeMirror cs. Princeton CodeMirror is a versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser.

It is specialized for editing code, , addons that implement more advanced editing functionality. , comes with a number of language modes A rich programming API , a CSS theming system are available for customizing CodeMirror to fit.

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